bowmo, Inc. Raises Significant Funding to Deliver Intelligent Data Technology, Leading the Way Forward to Cost Savings and Best Candidates for Recruiters

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Conversant and efficient decision making for recruiters and human capital agencies in less time is a dynamic shift

bowmo, Inc. a New York-based recruitment technology startup supplying intelligent app solutions to the human capital industry, announced today a successful and significant round of funding from a private New York investor with past incubation ties to nine-figure successes in the staffing software industry with companies like Peopleclick, Inc. After opening its offices in New York City back in September 2016, the company already has a team of over 30 senior staffing industry professionals and technologists, including big data engineers, UX/UI developers, and data scientists, with significant Fortune 500 experience.

bowmo’s intentionally-lowercased naming convention  is inspired by Robert S. Boyer and J. Strother Moore who in 1977 created the Boyer-Moore string search algorithm, which serves as the benchmark to search engines like Google due to the ease and simplicity it supplies to complicated analysis processes. bowmo’s technology drives efficiency in the sourcing process unlike ever before. The application is also available in android and iOS. bowmo’s artificial intelligence and machine learning generates the best candidate matches for the hottest jobs through simultaneous integration with a company’s or recruitment agency’s ATS (applicant tracking system) and the external job market. By eliminating the rigors of searching and sorting, bowmo’s technology enables recruiters to spend more time engaging with right candidates and partnering with clients to ensure a successful and sustainable job match.

“Just-in-time access to relative information regarding candidates and jobs is an important feature that current technology structures in HR recruiting tend to not provide,” says Vlad Mamut, CEO of bowmo, Inc. “bowmo’s intelligent context technology dramatically changes this dynamic by significantly reducing operational woes, time to search, and staffing costs. It enables precision recruiting that was simply not possible yesterday. This gives recruiters back the relationships necessary to support their role as true business partners to the hiring managers and client companies who depend on them; it also enables clients to connect with the right candidates in real-time.”

"What is so exciting about bowmo, Inc. is how efficient, easy to use and integrate the app is for human resource recruiters, practitioners and agencies while managing to a massive amount of data," says Matt Kupferman, bowmo’s Investment & Strategy Advisor, "the technology is a SaaS model of the future and the more it is used the shorter the recruitment timeline for finding the right candidate. Time is a valuable commodity in recruiting and without focusing your time on the right aspects you lose your rhythm.  The predictive data capture supports analysis, for making the right choice quickly. It features less tangible skills and even soft skills that are critical to a job candidate’s success and appeal. The recruiter becomes a contributor to company growth and sustainability. They can deliver savings on recruiting costs to the P&L, not to mention having a quality talent pool for the business. We give recruiters the rhythm they are looking for by increasing the speed of the hiring process."

"Recruiting is a dynamic function and often a costly business center for agency clients and enterprise companies. After 20 years in recruiting myself, I know that bowmo’s technology delivers quicker sourcing, reduced costs, and provides the opportunity to build the talent pools and client base relationships more consistently. It is one of the best things to happen to the recruiting industry looking to deliver great candidates in this age of high mobile engagement for most business processes,” says Eddie Aizman, President and Co-Founder of bowmo, Inc.

Larry Cohen, President of Norgate Technology says, "We have been in the recruitment and technology staffing business for 24 years and we are fortunate to be one of the first users of bowmo’s service. There is not much happening in the intelligent app space that serves recruiters well. The industry has been missing the integration and solutions bowmo offers. Platforms like LinkedIn can no longer lead the way forward. The bowmo application delivers insights to more qualified candidates in line with client requirements and the combination of technical and soft skills they require. We are excited to see the bowmo team offering this transformative technology and developing the solution to a problem that we as recruiters and search agencies have historically struggled to address."

As a first-to-market recruiting technology company, bowmo, Inc. will be represented by Eddie Aizman and his team at TECHDAY in New York City with several tech startups in April 2017. bowmo is the startup that recruiting Category Leaders, HR Procurement, Engineers and Technologists will want to meet.

About bowmo, Inc.

bowmo, Inc. is a technology startup providing an intelligent app solution for the staffing and recruiting industry that seamlessly integrates into existing applicant tracking systems. The company helps to revive the recruiter’s human touch and revolutionize the candidate sourcing process. bowmo, Inc. embraces the challenges of the recruiter by providing the means to quicker, more efficient and conversant candidate sourcing. Learn more at

About  Matt Kupferman

Matt is the former President of Global Software, Inc. - a privately held company and the leading provider of Microsoft  Excel-based automation and reporting software solutions. The Company incubated Peopleclick, Inc. and Mediclick, which are both companies that sell human resources software that facilitates recruitment & hiring, and strategic supply sourcing respectively.

About Norgate Technology, Inc.

Norgate Technology is a 24 year-old recruitment firm specializing in technology and tech engineering talent.  Headquartered in Garden City, NY, the company has 20 recruitment and search executives of significant experience and works with with prestigious clients, including many Fortune 1000 companies in finance, media, insurance, software development, cloud computing, start-up companies, and more. Learn more about their services at

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